Urban Climate Summer School at the University of Bucharest

During 27–31 August 2018 Associated Professor of the Meteorology and Climatology department Dr. Olga Shevchenko participated in The Bucharest Urban Climate Summer School 2018 (BUCSS 2018).

The Bucharest Urban Climate Summer School 2018 (BUCSS 2018) aims was to provide structured information and skill-building capabilities related to urban climate monitoring, modelling and biometeorology, with a primary focus of creating an active pool of young scientists that tackle the major urban sustainability challenges facing future generations.

Not only lectures there were during the BUCSS, but also hands-on on urban-climate modeling ("SkyHelios" model, "RayMan" model, "COSMO-CLM" model) and on working with "Google Earth Engine". Participants conducted experimental studies of urban bioclimate and thermal perception with individual measurements and experiences as well as discussed the problems of crowdsourced data for urban climate applications.

During the summer school O. Shevchenko made a presentation on the ECOIMPACT project. She told about the consortium participants, the concept, the main tasks and the results of the project. After the presentation O. Shevchenko handed out the flyers which contain the main information about the project and also she discussed the possibility of dissemination of the project results with the colleagues from other universities.

O. Shevchenko will use new knowledge and skills in urban biometeorology to improve the sectoral course "Biometeorology" developed within the ECOIMPACT project.