On 5-8 September, 2017 the staff group of the Faculty of Geography, formed from the representatives of the Department of Meteorology and Climatology and the Department of Economic and Social Geography (Assoc. Prof. O. Shevchenko, Assoc. Prof. R. Oliynyk, Ass. A. Krukivska V. and Ass. T. Nich), headed by Dean of the Faculty of Geography Prof. Ya. Oliynyk participated in the Seminar on Economic Meteorology at the University of Helsinki (Finland).

This event was held within the framework of the project ECOIMPACT (“Adaptive learning environment for competence in economic and societal impacts of local weather, air quality and climate”), funded by the European Commission under the "ERASMUS+" Program, and implemented by a consortium, which includes our University

The purpose of the seminar was to integrate the sectoral short-term courses developed under the Project into the course "Economic Meteorology" and adapt it to the study programs of the universities-member of the consortium.

During the seminar the content part of the courses "Economic Meteorology" for Bachelor students and Master students was discussed, the educational technologies that will be used for teaching of the course and the peculiarities of the preparation of practical classes on discipline using the Internet of Things (IoT) technology were considered.

The participants also visited the Finnish Meteorological Institute, got acquainted with its structure, the main tasks and features of functioning, heard presentations about the possibilities of the model SILAM (System for integrated modeling of Atmospheric composition), which is used for prediction of the level of atmospheric air pollution, and the model Enviro-HIRLAM (Environment High Resolution Limited Area Model), which can be used for solution a number of different environmental problems (program modules enable to realize the numerical weather forecasting and simulate  the transfer trajectories of pollutants in the atmosphere).